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The Acronis vmProtect 9 is specifically designed for VMware vSphere® virtual servers. The system that is used in the software is the easiest in helping you deploy the virtual servers. The vmProtect is the most complete and a perfect backup and recovery solution that you can ever have. By using the software, you can conduct an agent-less backup and recovery of your virtual machine. You can do all the toughest tasks remotely with the help of the software. You need no external or third party agents to be installed on your virtual machines. The backup processes can easily and efficiently done with the help of the software. The whole software and its functionalities can be easily deployed in minutes. In just a few minutes you can start backing your vSphere environment with the help of vmProtect.

Here are a few quality features of Acronis vmProtect 9

Easy to Deploy

The main feature of the software is its simple interface and the ease of use. The software runs easily on a machine that has a Windows operating system.  You can also deploy the software directly to a VMware ESXi host.  You can use it as a self-contained virtual tool on any of the host providers.

Efficient and Secure Backups

The quality of the software lies in the efficiency of the operation. Any application must be efficient in its working. The Acronis vmProtect 9 is  a highly efficient software that works efficiently in taking backups. The software takes an incremental backup with compression of the backup image to save storage space. This allows you to achieve great results in the backup process. It also helps you in reducing storage and traffic issues. The software is also capable of successfully recovering data that might be lost. The data backup is secured with AES encryption, which is a highly secure form of encryption. The backup files also are validated to check the files for corruption. If any file is corrupted, the system ignores such files from the backup process. The best of the software is its disaster recovery system. The software has an automatic disaster recovery plan that helps you recover from disasters. The files once backed up can be stored in multiple locations for additional security and accessibility. You also have an option of taking your data to the cloud based backup center to keep your files safe.

Rapid Recovery of Exactly What You Need

Most of the recovery software applications give you files that you might not want. It is a tedious task to check for the most important files from the recovered dump. To make the recovery process simpler and more efficient, the  Acronis vmProtect gives you a system to recover the files that you need. You get exactly what you need from the system. You have the option of recovering the entire file systems or just the important mailboxes that you might need at the moment. The backup process is really simple but very fast and highly efficient.  The Acronis vmProtect 9 is the perfect solution for all your backup needs for exchange servers.