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The main purpose of Acronis Migrate Easy 7.0 is to create a clone of your hard disk and then transport your hard disk to another computer without data loss. This is a feature that can very helpful when you have a new computer and you want to use the old hard disk files on the new one. If you are very attached to the old layout in your hard drive, you can simply transfer the layout to the new computer with ease. Using the Migrate easy, you can do the transfer very easily.

Here are some features of Acronis Migrate Easy 7.0:


Migrate Easy can perform many other functions like formatting partitions of your computer’s drives, wiping the data from your hard drive. The main purpose of the software is to help you migrate your data, but you still can use the software to do other functions as well. This is the added advantage you get by using the software.  The software also allows you to create, delete or resize the partitions on your existing drive.

The main menu:

The way in which the software is designed is very simple. One of the very important part of having a good software is its simplicity. Right on the main menu of the software, you can choose to do all the major functions. You can make a clone, add a new disk or create a bootable rescue media right from the main menu of the software. Once you make a clone, the software automatically takes a backup on another drive of your computer.

Adding new hard drives:

By using the software, you can easily add new hard drive to your computer. If you want to add more space to store your files and folders, this facility will be greatly beneficial. There is a very simple setup wizard that guides you through the process. Adding a new hard drive has never been easy. It was very difficult to add a new hard drive to improve the computer’s performance. If you wanted to add something to the existing computer, you had a tough time; however, by using the new Acronis Migrate Easy 7.0, you can now easily add additions to your computer.

Creating a bootable rescue media:

There are always chances that the system won’t load. It could be because of the OS crash. The new Migrate Easy allows you to create a bootable rescue file that you can use to boot your operating system. Even if your computer cannot boot, you can use the bootable CD to boot your computer. Once you restart the system, the CD will take you into your computer and then you can easily get access to your important data. It is very easy to create the bootable rescue media with the software. You have an easy to use wizard that will guide you on creating the bootable device.

The Acronis Migrate Easy 7.0 is the tool that you must have to manage your computer more efficiently and transfer data more efficiently.