Acronis Disk Director 12

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Acronis Disk Director 12

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By using Acronis Disk Director Home, you get the best and the ultimate Disk Management Solution for your computer. If you had trouble creating partitions, you will be glad to know that the software can make your life really easy. It has never been easier to manage your hard disk issues. However, by using the Disk Director you can now easily create hard disk partitions, resize, move or merge partitions without data loss. The software is so designed that, it optimizes the system without bringing a drastic change in your system.

If you are someone with the need to perform advanced operations, the  Acronis Disk Director Home is just the right choice for you. With its superior and powerful concepts, flexibility and ease-of-use options, The software is just the right choice for anyone. Performing advanced operations is very easy when you use the software.

Here a few new features that Acronis Disk Director Home has for you:

Managing disks and volumes with extreme flexibility:

The latest version comes with excellent features that allow you to manage disks and volumes with ease and flexibility. You can easily carry out huge amount disk and volume management tasks with the help of the software. You can easily manage a lot of tasks like Resize, move, copy, split and merge volumes. All these tasks can be performed without data loss or any destruction. You can also format and label volumes easily. Assigning volume letters, and setting volumes can be done easily as well.

Dynamic Disk support:

This is another great functionality that the Disk Director has. Using the Disk director you can provide greater functionality. Using the Dynamic Disks feature, you can spread volumes over several disks to be managed efficiently. You can also install multiple operating systems on your computer without worrying of computer crashes and other data loss threats. You can try new operating systems and use the functionalities of the new operating systems without affecting the original operating system. The software has an excellent feature named OS selector that allows you to manage multiple operating systems easily and efficiently.

GPT disk support:

Most of the time loosing data is a worry. There are many ways in which you can lose the data on your computer. It could be because of a virus or because of a crash or some unforeseen reason. However, when you start using the Acronis Disk Director Home, you get GPT disks to create volumes over 2TB. You get better disk reliability with the help of the software. By using the software, you can easily protect your computer from all kinds of data damage. The GPT disk support gives your system and additional reliability factors and protects the system against possible data damage.

Using Acronis Disk Director Home, you can be assured about the reliability and efficiency of your system. You can manage all issues related to disk management very easily and efficiently. You will see great features that are added in the latest version of the software.