Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13

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Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13 helps you create documents, do Web search, even control your email and calendar, social & chat with 3x faster than you can type.

Nuance dragon naturally speaking premium is voice recognition software designed to enhance your productivity.  If you find typing challenging for whatever reason, the software offers you an alternative way to work on your PC by simply using your voice.  At the top of the screen sits a toolbar which allows you access to items including audio, profile, help, modes, vocabulary and tools. Dragon also offers all features offered by its predecessor versions 10 and 11 and in addition, the software offers improved accuracy and speed. Additionally, with the newer version, you can now easily navigate through your Gmail and

The Nuances Dragon Naturally Speaking Home and Premium Edition

Programs activated by voice seem to be the stuff of science fiction. But thanks to numerous improvements in technology, this is now made possible. There are numerous programs out there that use voice activation to make computer input much easier, but only a few can do it like the Dragon Naturally Speaking system developed by Nuances. Now on its new version, it utilizes most of the functions that made it such a great program in the first place and made them even better. As Nuances themselves said, the Dragon Naturally Speaking now is “faster, better, simply smarter”.

It is one thing that you create taglines to attract customers to your product. It is a completely different thing to actually do whatever it takes to back that statement up. But the Dragon is able to do that, and then some. The Home version of this program is more than good for must functions. And then the Professional version takes it up another notch.

First, we’ll tell some of the basics about the Dragon Naturally Speaking. This is the new version of the successful Dragon Naturally Speaking series that made its first appearance in 1997. At first glance, this program seems to resemble the previous version of Dragon Naturally Speaking, which may not exactly be a bad thing. After all, the old one is more than awesome in its own right. But the new version makes the system more refined, claiming a 99 percent accuracy rating straight out of the box.

Any voice activated program requires training to master. And included in the Dragon Naturally Speaking is a training program that will help you accomplish exactly that. This program includes how to master even the subtlest of tones. It is extremely helpful so you better use it when you buy this program. Users note a marked increase in command accuracy after using the training program. Even better, when you make mistakes, making corrections is very easy.

So what is the difference between the Home system and the 250 dollar Premium system? The Premium allows for much easier PC navigation, with support for all Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Internet Explorer programs. Other extras of the Premium include transcription from digital recording programs, the ability to create custom commands, and Bluetooth support. If you’ll ask us, the extra expense of getting the Premium is worth it.

The Nuances Dragon Naturally Speaking, both in Home and Premium options, is such a great program. Navigating using voice has never been this simple or intuitive.