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TweakBit PC Speed Up + FREE! TweakBit PC Booster

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Does TweakBit PC Speed Up really work ?

We all must have faced speed issues with our computers and laptops at some point of time in our lives. It is waste of time and energy when the computer works slowly. These days, we are completely dependent on our computers and internet for our work. We cannot tolerate the hang ups and speed issues in such a situation. TweakBit PCSpeedUP is one such program which can enhance the speed of your computer by tweaking the registry, removing conflicts in the network and turning off useless Windows services. Even the time taken to shut down the computer can be reduced drastically by its help. It keeps the essential reserves of the PC absolutely optimized all the time.

The Interface and design of TweakBit PCSpeedUP are very user friendly. You can easily locate the icon Scan for Speed Issues. It scans at lightning speed, within forty seconds, the whole task is done. After the scanning, it gives you a report on what has been done and what more can be done. It gives instructions in a much organised way about what you can do to rectify errors. These instructions are simple, very orderly and precise. This program can be installed in up to three computers. It is compatible with all the systems.

The four major functions provided by this program are: ‘Overview’, ‘Diagnostics’, ‘LiveProtect’ and ‘Results’. Overview as the name suggests gives a synopsis of the scanning process. It tells what the problems were, what has been fixed and how much time it has been able to save. ‘Diagnostics’ analyses and detects corrupt files, useless programs, registries, maladies in Windows settings. It is basically the scanning centre. ‘LiveProtect’ protects the computer throughout. It keeps on running in the background without interfering with the computer’s normal operation. ‘Results’ tells what changes have been made and fixed. Another important feature of this program is that, it automatically creates a backup before starting the scanning process. You will even receive emails by the developer every week about the status of your system and suggestions for improvement.

TweakBit PCSpeedUp is a tested product in the market. Because of its unique features and effectiveness, it has easily surpassed other similar products in the market. This is such a program that once it is installed, one does not need to buy it again and again. It does not expire. That means once you have bought it, you will be tension free for the rest of your life. Two versions of TweakBit PCSpeedUp are available in market. One of them is free and that is a smaller version. It lets the user choose the computer’s speed problems and allows minimum proactive performance protection. The full version can be bought for only $29.95 and fixes all the issues automatically. Its installation process is also very easy and simple. All one has to do is run the PCSpeedUp Installer and press yes when the dialog box opens. Simply follow the instructions and after swift installation, it starts up automatically.