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Professional PDF Reader

The PDF extension is currently the go-to file extension for people who want to distribute their documents, PowerPoint presentations, etc. but do not want other people to edit the files. The PDF extension can be viewed by many office suites although there are noticeable variations in rendering the files. For this reason, it was determined that a dedicated PDF reader should be developed so that the PDF files will be rendered in exactly the same form as they were in their original file types. This is the main reason why the Nitro PDF Pro 8 was created.

The Nitro PDF Pro 8 is a PDF reader which not only renders PDF files properly but also allows its users to edit, sign, and share the PDF files. When this program is installed, a ribbon for the program will appear in all Microsoft Office applications for easy conversion of all files. This also enables the program to convert back the PDF files into their respective document types complete with all of the formatting and images. Another feature of this program is the onboard optical character recognition system which allows users to search for content, both image-based and text-based, in every PDF file. This is particularly useful for soft copies of books. This program also allows users to create PDF files using a multitude of ways. Scan to PDF, Clipboard to PDF, and Print to PDF are all present within this program. It is worth noting that all PDF files created using this program are 100% industry standard which means that they can be opened by other PDF viewers.

Nitro PDF Pro 8 is available for purchase from their website with a single license starting at $119.99. Users may also try this product for free by downloading the free trial from the same website. Businesses who are interested in purchasing this program may request a quote and gain discounts if a minimum of 11 licenses are purchased.