AVG AntiVirus – The Most Advanced Program


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Since the mid-1990s, computer viruses and similar devastating tools have inflicted millions of computers and network systems around the world.  Some are simple to remove but many have evolved into more destructive level, up to the point one’s personal identity is greatly affected.  On the other hand, antivirus programs and tools have helped computer users protect themselves and one such is the AVG Anti-virus.

The AVG Anti-virus is found to be the most advanced security tool against computer viruses and malicious programs ever found.  It automatically updates its users’ virus list or database to ensure that the user will be protected from any type of unscrupulous codes like viruses, worms and trojan horses.

One of its features is to efficiently detect any possible infected files inside the computer and the files which are not considered for scanning are excluded.  Also, its award-winning 4-layer detection analysis technique makes it very effective in getting rid of well-known viruses and infected programs and files.

The AVG Internet Security is another innovative tool when the Internet became pervasive in our digital lives.Its latest feature is the AVG Accelerator which helps its users enhance their computer system.  This application is also very robust where it’s advanced multi-layered security technologies can remove those malware, bots and spyware programs.

Both security programs are offered for ordinary computer users and for companies.  Also, these are now applicable for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.  Free version is available for personal use for the AVG Anti-virus.

Protecting computer systems is very important these days.  Hackers and the so-called crackers, can unsuspectingly exploit even the highly secured computer systems of the companies and government offices.  Even if users and organizations have firewalls installed in their computers, they need 3rd party applications such as the AVG Internet Security to remove these digital garbage.